Advent – December 8th

Day 8 Clever people don’t believe in God. I learned that long ago, from a father who had been brought up Catholic and lapsed spectacularly, for excellent reasons. He was – and is still, I’m sure – an atheist with all the passion of a convert. It wasn’t enough that he should be atheist, he […]

Advent – December 7th

Day 7   President Trump talks about God a lot. Of course, when God’s son tried to enter the US, Trump wouldn’t let him in, what with him being brown and from the Middle East, but that’s not the bit Trump talks about. Trump wants God to lend his name to his ventures whilst letting […]

Advent – December 6th

Day 6   Of all the things in the news at the moment, the one that makes me angriest are the photographs of Tory MPs grinning at the opening ceremonies of new food banks. What on Earth is there to celebrate in the need for food banks? Austerity was a deliberate Government decision, directly targeted […]

Advent – December 5th

Day 5   Unlike writing, presenting a book show on community radio means occasionally leaving the house. Learning the ropes means meeting people I don’t know, and inevitably, they ask what I do. The only time I was ever able to answer this question without reservation was when I was teaching; the answer was inevitably, […]

Advent – December 4th

Advent Day 4   For reasons too complicated to explain, my husband’s current contribution to family life is the restoration of a vast Lego Millennium Falcon. The sitting room is covered in the kind of carnage that once indicated the eldest’s bedroom and the pieces are migrating through the house in a way that makes […]