Advent – December 11th

Day 11   And the second new commandment is this – THOU SHALT ACCEPT COMPLIMENTS WITH GRACE. It’s a very hard thing to do; it takes practice. We so habitually tune our inner voices in to the negative that the positive doesn’t always get through, let alone heard. You’re going to be late; you haven’t […]

Advent – December 10th

Day 10.   We’ve already got a list of ten rules; I’m not sure we need another one. But some of the existing regulations are problematic, and the overall tone is a bit demanding. I am terribly glad I was born, but effective parenting has moved on a bit in the intervening millennia, and unconditional […]

Advent – December 9th

  Day Nine   I played in a concert yesterday evening and stuffed up so completely that I find myself seriously contemplating the merits of never, ever leaving the house again. At this precise moment, if you could guarantee me that Heaven consists of sitting on a white cloud playing the harp for eternity, I’d […]